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A terratium is an closed ecosystem with minimal water escaping. Low Maintenance with the correct knowledge. Terrarium is a perfect gift to someone who is busy to take care plants or a plant beginner. 
Our lovely jar terrariums come with Polka dot plant / Syngonium/ Calathea / Dieffenbachia with pebbles.



Size: 10cm*20cmH

Please note that the variety of plants will be chose at random. 

Jar Terrariums

PriceFrom $48.00
  • 1. Place indoors with indirect/shade natural light. NO DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

    2. Only spray terrarium with minimal amount of water, every 6 to 12 months. 

    3. Never pour water into vessel or allow pooling of water in bottom of vessel. 

    4.Use iltered/bottled or rainwater to avoid chlorine contamination, NO TAP WATER.

    5. Trim plants if you wish, but always best to trim the oldest foliage.

    6. Leave plant matter to break down and re-feed your ecosystem, it's self-sustaining.

    7. Glass becomes clearer as condensation accumulates and returns back to the soil. 



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