Hedera Ivy Variegated is an attractive, evergreen climber with deep green leaves with white markings on each leaf. Easy to grow and extremely hardy, Ivy can be grown both indoors and outside in the garden. Prune to the desired shape and stop it from spreading where it might not be wanted. Low water requirements once established.

Hedera Ivy Totem

  • When growing plants in pots, make sure the container selected is large enough to accommodate the plant’s roots, which is going to be planted. Never pot a plant into a container that is too small. Use a premium quality potting mix and add a few handfuls of vermiculite, thus creating the perfect soil medium for tropical plants. Almost all indoor plants require well-draining soil, especially during cooler weather, and growing in soil that helps keep their roots moist during summer. Depending on the plants chosen, the soil medium might vary. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure.