A popular, robust, evergreen, ornamental plant with shiny burgundy leaves and distinctly pink new growth. Not only hardy and low maintenance this plant will remove chemical toxins from the air, like formaldehyde.
An indoor favourite but also ideal as a potted specimen plant for patios and verandahs. Can be placed in a room with filtered light, however it's best to keep it near a large window where it can get bright light to avoid the plant stretching to find any available light source.
Use a damp soft cloth to keep leaves dust free. Avoid moving your plant around unnecessarily as sudden changes of light and temperature can adversely affect your plant. Protect from cold drafts and mist foliage with a trigger sprayer to keep plants looking fresh and increase humidity.
If planting your rubber plant outside, use caution as it will grow into a large canopy tree and can reach upwards of 20metres, so it will need a large and spacious growing position.

Ficus Burgundy/Red Leaf Rubber Plant

  • Keep soil moist but not wet. An easy way to tell if your plant needs water is the touch test. When the soil has become slightly dry to touch, then its time to give your rubber plant a drink. Make sure the pot can freely drain away excess water.

  • To control the size of your indoor rubber plant, prune the top once it has reached your desired height. It is best to prune in the spring or summer months.